THE 80 : 20 RULE

July 27, 2009 at 8:06 pm (Inspiration, Thought, Family, Motivation, Uncategorized)

The 80:20 rule is a basic Time management rule. The ability to manage time would lead to high productivity; no wonder the equation below is very relevant in the business world and in the World at large. It’s a basic equation that helps you as an individual it is tested and trusted.


As individuals we have a considerable number of events, people and situations that are competing for our time, the ability to manage our time and priorities well would in-turn increase our productivity. High productivity can be achieved by setting out goals and managing time to achieve goals, giving you a time bound. Every individual in the world has a universal time, we all have 24 hours there is nobody in the world that has an extra 1 second added to his/her 24 hours, however the difference between lots of this people is not the inability to set out goals rather it’s the inability to set time bounds, some people set time bound but never take actions to meet with the stipulated time. Every successful person that have come to know over a period of time achieved success because they set out goals, took action to achieve their goals but more than that, they learnt to manage their time judiciously.

Having said all of this I believe that it is very important for me to establish the 80:20 RULE which states:

  • 80% of unfocused effort produces 20% results
  • 20% of focused effort produces 80% results

A lot of young entrepreneurs, students and adults love doing things, partaking in activities; they do not concentrate their effort on achieving goals.

I remember my first few days at home during the ongoing ASU strike I was quite very busy, but after thorough evaluating of my first one week, I have been able come to the strong realization that I was only able to succeed in getting myself involved in activities without achieving the most important things which is achieving my goals

I woke up several times and left my home as early as 8: am and return as late 10: pm, boarding busses and visiting people without achieving anything after during an appraisal of my first one week I discovered that I was just getting my self involved in a lot of activities without achieving anything. A lot of people also face the scenario above…..


  • Unfocused effort is definitely bound to lead to under productivity, doing less than what you can normally do if you focus your energy into doing.
  • Longer time to achieve your goals
  • Plan each day carefully, and set out time for your task, don’t just spend or while away time, invest your time.
  • Activity supported with “time-tied” deliveries, will ultimately lead to productivity.
  • Focus your efforts at achieving your goals, if 20 % of focused effort can yield 80% result, it therefore means that if you can increase your focus you can increase productivity
  • Concentrate on more speed less work. If you channel your time well you would achieve a lot in little time, a lot of us concentrate on more work less speed at the end the result we get cannot measure with our works

           Thank you for reading this , i hope you would channel your time properly, “time is of the essence”

Abraham Omotayo




  1. Akinsete Oluwatunmise said,

    Wow! this more than makes sense. I heard of the 80:20 Rule at a particular time but didn’t really understand, 10x 4 throwing light. This helps.

  2. Olajumoke said,

    Keep it up.
    Also practice what u preach.
    I believe in u.

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