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On Wednesday 28th July 2009 at about 10 am, as I turned on my radio and tuned from one station to another, searching for an interesting program, I was overwhelmed when I heard the Voice of Adeolu Akinyemi in one of the local stations precisely on EKO FM (Free Advert) with great joy and intent ears I listened to know what the discussion was about. The topic for the discussion as I can vividly remember is THE NIGERIAN DREAM, what in God’s Name is THE Nigerian Dream, have heard about the American Dream but never in my whole life have I ever come across anything like the Nigerian Dream however I made it a point to listen to what was to be said about the Nigerian Dream.

The guest for the day Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi, for those who don’t already know is a foremost brand in Business leadership, Innovation and he is currently the founder of the New Nigerian Club and Managing Director Generis business school to mention but a few. He is a Patriot. Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi spoke extensively on the topic and I will like to buttress his points and reiterate the ones that he made on the program.

What really is the Nigerian Dream? Actually the Nigerian Dream is not farfetched unlike the American Dream, the Nigerian Dream is written in the heart of Nigerians “it is what every patriotic individual in Nigeria desires to see Nigeria become”, and since the government has refused to set out a Nigerian Dream every Individual has chosen to set out a Dream for himself or herself for the betterment of the Nation.

What is the Nigerian Joke? It’s quite pathetic that Nigerians set out with the Nigerian Dream only to see their dreams gradually erode into a joke; the Nigerian dream is fast becoming the Nigerian joke. The Nigerian joke is seeing what we all desire to see in the nation in our individual empires but not in the nation. A lot of us in Nigeria have a comfortable empire in our homes, steady power supply (thanks to generators), the best of Education (Private Universities, Foreign Universities), and tarred roads in our estates, but outside the comfort of our home is the harsh reality of life. Bad roads, poor power supply, poor standard of Education, corruption and bad Leadership. The Average Nigerian has a me, myself and I attitude, a lot of people don’t care about their neighbors. It’s high time we smell the coffee and realize that in as much as we can prosper individually we would go a long way in achieving our dreams if we work together collectively to make the system work better instead of trying to beat the system.

“The gap between the Nigerian Dream and the Nigerian Joke is COMMITEMNT”

Is Politics really dirty? Yes politics is a dirty game, this is the answer of an average Nigerian; however it’s not true that politics is dirty the problem is that a lot of Nigerians are not ready to pay the price for change, we have chosen to relegate ourselves and watch corrupt rulers rule over this nation. We sit down in our homes, talk about change in our offices and in Educational institutions but we leave everything that pertains to politics to a set of people (mediocre) who know absolutely nothing about  how our nation can be made better. There is no gain without a pain; we must be ready to get involved in the process by talking (which a lot of people are doing) but above talking about changing the system we must be ready to be the change ourselves. It’s easier and faster for the lawmakers and President (Political Office Holder) to make decisions that would affect the Nation compared to me writing this blog post, the office would give them ample opportunities to exercise their power and make their opinions count.

“Enough of talking is high time Change Agents in Nigeria get involved in the change (Politics)”

How do I get involved in the Nigerian Dream? It’s quite simple, do your part in Nation building and tell your neighbor to take part in nation building. Get involved in the Nations politics, you don’t necessarily have to contest, but make sure you vote, tell your friends and foes to vote also for the right person. Contest if you believe you can do well in politics; you can encourage your friend(s) to contest if you believe that such a person or people can cause positive change to the nation.


Visit and register

Join the thousands of change Agents in Nigeria, let’s make our voice and vote count lets deliver the future by joining THE FUTURE MOVEMENT, THE 2011 Election is around the corner.


Abraham Omotayo




  1. Kilanko Oluwaseun said,

    You lift it and I lift it, that how we will make this nation great again. Cool post!
    Keep up the good work you are doing here!

  2. ikbolu said,

    well guess he ws trying to give Nigerians a dream so if he remains passionate abt it he cld mk a headway.

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