January 9, 2010 at 8:28 pm (Inspiration, Thought, Family, Motivation)

Mind is the seat of thought and memory, the mind has the capability to think, Understand and reason.
We each have a conscious and unconscious Mind. Even with hypnosis, you can’t really have two way communications with the unconscious mind in any effective and reliable fashion; however you can communicate with the Conscious Mind.
It is worthy of Note that the Conscious Mind and Unconscious mind appear to have significantly different personality characteristics, attitude, and motivation. I would have expected that since the Conscious and Unconscious are both in the Mind there would be little or no differences, the opposite is the case

The Unconscious mind makes rapid- fire choices. It also tends to stereotype and categorize people right down to whether someone you meet is like a person you once knew. It immediately analysis and detects an information, it does not really take a deep thought process.
The Unconscious Mind deals with now. The Conscious mind deals with the future. The unconscious mind is rigid, while the Conscious mind is flexible. The Unconscious mind is sensitive to negative information, it tends to be pessimistic. The conscious? Positive. The unconscious is a pattern detector ( It tends to treat new situations that have similar experience as other in similar patterns). The Conscious Mind is an after the fact checker. The Unconscious mind is multisystem. The conscious mind is a single system.
Conscious Mind Unconscious Mind
Future Now
Sensitive to positive Sensitive to negative
Information Information
After the fact Checker Pattern Checker
Single System                  Multisystem

The Unconscious is scared of risk, to stretch our boundaries is often something that seems risky to the unconscious self, and therefore the very idea of the change can literally feel bad. The Unconscious is scared to take risk and therefore is rigid to Change. That gut instinct is wrong but that is what the survival mechanism in the brain sends to the body. Fear. Anxiety. Maybe even panic.
It is therefore critical to evaluate the emotions of the moment or the day and discover if there is a legitimate, rational signal that your brain is relaying to you. Or is the brain simply telling you it is afraid, and the fear is False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)?


If you decide (consciously) that the mind and body are feeling afraid without good cause for the situation at hand, realize that it will take some significant amount of time to overcome the fear of the situation. It certainly won’t go away in a minute, an hour, or a day.
Typically it is necessary to wire in a completely new set of responses to the current situation and fight through fear and negative emotions every day until new levels of comfort can be achieved.
One of the great problems of trying to know yourself is that you really can’t completely know yourself. Study after study shows that complete strangers are almost as good at predicting our behavior as we are ourselves. We think we know ourselves but we really don’t know ourselves as well as we would like to. Because of the way the brain works, though, if we don’t like what we see ourselves doing and thinking, we can change. It is a slow process and often difficult, but once change becomes the status quo, it becomes rigid. So select well.

For you to change, you must take a Conscious effort in your Mind to change. Change is an action to make something or someone different, you have to make a choice in your mind to change for you to change for the better. The Conscious Mind would definitely help you in the afore mentioned because you tend to look at the future in a positive mode, and you make deliberate effort to cause the change that you desire, However you need the Unconscious Mind to remind you of Now and make your change come to reality..

I know that after reading this blog post you would make a Conscious effort to change for the better on Issues that might require you to change.

see you in the next post…


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