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Let’s continue from where we stopped in my last blog post. An occurrence occurred this week that is going change the course of our topic, its all about the good old days… I love the Educational sector in the good old day because it was really a beauty to behold, my present Institution (Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U)) used to be Africa’s most beautiful campus, it was said of the institution that there was a time where students were served food (chicken) in the café for free, students were offered scholarship by the school and the F.G., it was ranked among one of the best in the world, the same can not be said this day of the institution. The present Educational sector can not be compared to those of yester years.

On the 16th of June (2009-06-18), an historic event took place when the students of the above named tertiary institution decided to go on lecture boycott in other to challenge the status quo, the students did not embark on the lecture boycott to demand for chicken, rather they were basically asking the management to provide them with adequate power supply and portable water. The students came out in there thousands (over six thousand students) to embark on a peaceful protest, matching from their Halls of Residence to the Schools Gate, and then Senate before they later embarked on another journey to the Osun State Government House where they went g to protest the under funding of the Educational sector, they were asked the present government to appropriate 26 percent of the total budget to Education according to UNESCO standard.

In the words of John F. Kennedy “Our progress as a nation can not be swifter than our progress in Education” in other words if Nigeria as a country would have to move forward then we must first address the issue of Education. A lot of Nigerians have gone through the schooling process but in the real sense of things they have only received certificates without education, they are the kind of people my Dad refers to as “Educated illiterate”. If a Nation were to develop by the amount of graduate produced especially first class students that it produces then Nigeria should have been one of the best Nations in the world. A lot of anomalous exist in the system.

REALITY CHECK 1 2, thank God we know our problems, thank God we desire a change, Thank God the present, and much more the future can even be better than the past. All we need is a change, but we are the change that we desire. We have to constantly talk about it, vote the right people to power look at the future implications of our decision and therefore make the right decisions. Now is the time to look at our present, face the Reality. It’s high time we access ourselves and move forward.

What’s your stake on Nigeria’s present level of Education? Don’t just read this blog post do well to leave your comment because your opinion counts…

Abraham Isaac Omotayo +2348082698889


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The Good Old Days

June 15, 2009 at 10:48 pm (Inspiration, Thought, Family, Motivation)

MAY 29 1999, was just like yesterday, when we all embraced democracy with open arms, with high hopes we expected a lot from the government, we were looking for a set of leaders that would take us to the promise land, one decade after what can we show for our democracy.

I see a lot of Nigerians these days castigate the leaders and shout that the Nation is corrupt, when in the real sense of things they themselves are. They yearn for the good old days, and crave for it to come back, they look at the past achievement of the Nation they console themselves in it, they complain about the present and they have no vision for the future. All they see is loop holes and anomalies in every sector of the nation.

I also cherish the good old days, although most of the things that I know about the good old days are hearsays, things that I read, as I was not yet born or at least I was but a child at that time, I therefore do not have a full grasp of that time. The good old days when we had a robust economy, good exchange rate, standard education, good roads… a lot of good things is characterised with the good old days. However, even the good old days had some challenges, setbacks and worse still some evils. Military rule was a basic characteristic of the past, injustice and decadence associated with the desire for power, mounting external debt, lack of proper infrastructure, etc…

My basic concern in this post is to talk about tomorrow, the future, not to shatter the experiences of the good old days, the past, rather let us learn from the good old days, correct the wrongs in the good old days, but let us stop living in the good old days. It’s high time we understood that the future of the nation depend on our individual decision as a person. Lets stop living in the glory of the past rather let us take upon ourselves the responsibility of Nation building.

“Never ask what your country can do for you, rather ask what you can do for your country.” How have you fared in Nigeria’s ten years of democracy?, what quota have you contributed to the nation’s development, do you only please yourself by seeing the lapses of each administration, or do you use your creative thought to proffer solution to how the nation can move forward? Learn to appreciate a positive change when you see one.

Today is the present, REALITY CHECK 1, 2. How far have we gone with democracy?

Abraham Isaac Omotayo


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Einstein once said “Every child is born a genius” however the reason why people do not function at genius level is because they are not aware of how creative and smart they really are.

Creative thinking simply means the ability to visualize, to foresee, and to generate ideas. Creativity itself as to do with improvement, you don’t need to have the best of education or be a scientist to be creative, it is something that you constantly work on their by increasing your creative edge.

A lot of invention as been done with creative thinking, there are a lot of people that are not inventors in the real sense, but they have the ability to repackage an already existing brand and make it better than it was. A typical example is the multibillion dollar Coca Cola Corporation. They went from being a company that produces bottled coke, to adding plastic coke, and canned coke. They have a variety of brand from which every consumer can choose, thereby giving the consumer the power of choice. No wonder one of the greatest scientist of all time Thomas Edison said that Creativity is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration. For you to be a very creative thinker you must be able to ask question about the present state of things.

The basic reason why you are asking questions is so that you can proffer solutions to problems and challenges. One of my role model in person of Adewunmi Adediji said “where other sees problems I see solution” this is a function of his creative thinking. Have an open mind be flexible; you would see opportunities open up to you.

A lot of people engage in none – creative thinking which can also be likened to “Day dreaming”. Creative thinking would help us in every sphere of life, in academics, business, relationship, in your beliefs etc. It is impossible for you you appreciate beyond the level of your thought, as much as a lot of us want to catch in on the action we need to build up our creative thought. Even the Holy Bible said “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” the Bible is simply saying that if you want to prosper and be healthy you must develop your soul, the word even as your soul prospereth simply means, if your soul does not prosper you can’t prosper. Build your Soul through creative thinking and feed your soul with information that would help you grow. Read the Bible and other books that can build you.

 I implore you that as you read through this you learn to build your creative thought because, in real fact Creative thinking is a continuous process and it would help you in your everyday life.

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